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Engagement Rings for EVERY Personality

It can be easy to think that there are only a few kinds of engagement rings out there, but we are here to tell you here at Dacels Jewelers, we have rings of every size, shape, and design! Finding the perfect ring for your personality can seem like a daunting task, but we want to help you discover the style that makes you feel the most like you. So if you want to take a look at some of our favorite categories of engagement rings, keep reading!

Simply Classic


If you love simple, timeless rings that will never go out of style, take a look at these three classics! As you can see in these round brilliant, pear, and oval cuts, it is easy to find a ring shape that fits your individual tastes in this category.

Modern Elegance


If you want something more modern, take a look at these three elegant choices! The first features three sleek tycoon cut diamonds, as well as a beautiful two-tone band. The second ring has a gorgeous split shank covered in accent diamonds. And the third ring has an alluring rose gold band, plus a hidden halo.

Boldly Unique


If you want a ring that is unlike any other engagement ring you've ever seen, take a chance on one like these! The leftmost ring features a bold pink sapphire that is great for someone with a vibrant personality who loves the color pink. If you have a more subdued persona but still want something different, try a cool blue sapphire like the one on the right. But if a you want to put a twist on the classic diamond engagement ring, then the center tycoon ring in the center may be the one for you! With its big, boldly cut diamonds, it is sure to stand out from the crowd.

Antique Vintage


Are you a lover of all things vintage? Take a look at these gorgeous rings that look like they belong in another decade! The first and last rings combine white diamonds with colored gemstones to create vintage art deco looks, while the center ring features a pave design of stunning white diamonds.

Effortlessly Feminine


If your style is more flirty and feminine, check out these three gorgeous rings that all have intricate designs and flowing lines. All three are inspired by a floral or vine-like style that would make the perfect engagement ring for someone who wants something pretty!

Romantically Charming


If you are a hopeless romantic, then one of these charming rings may be The One for you! The one on the right is great for the person who sees their relationship like it was straight out of a fairytale. If you find romance in the beauty of nature, however, maybe something floral like the center ring is your perfect match. And if you just love love, why not try a heart shaped ring like the one on the right?

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