Custom Jewelry

Custom jewelry is at the very heart of Dacels. With industry-leading master jewelers, we create beautiful, one-of-a-kind pieces that are of the finest quality. This is one of the reasons why Dacels shines more than most retail jewelers in the community and beyond. We offer the ability to create any piece of jewelry you desire. If you do not see it, we will design it for you, and it will be a unique piece that only you have.

The Process


In creating a custom piece of jewelry, the first step is to design a two-dimensional rendition of the piece through a sketch. Our experienced designers will guide you through this phase and inform you of the unique and varied possibilities available. They will advise you on the details that will make your piece as beautiful and unique as the picture within your mind.


The second stage in creating a custom piece is to make the two-dimensional rendering into a three-dimensional wax model.

Mold Creating and Casting

Your wax model is heated to temperatures ranging between 1200-1400 degrees fahrenheit to completely remove all wax residue. The mold is now complete. The metal(s) of your choice is then heated, liquefied, and poured into the mold. The molten metal cools in the mold and solidifies, forming your jewelry.

Finishing and polishing

The entire surface of your custom creation is cleaned and polished before any gemstones are set. Once the polishing is complete, the gemstones are set, and a final cleaning and polishing is performed.