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10 Common Symbols in Jewelry and Their Meanings

1. Stars


Long thought to represent light, divine guidance, and wisdom, star jewelry is seen in many cultures around the world, often holding great spiritual symbolism and meaning. Many people, however, simply appreciate stars for their celestial aesthetic and timeless beauty.

2. Hearts


Known mostly for symbolizing love, heart jewelry also represents compassion, courage, and morality. This powerful emblem is one of the most recognizable symbols in the world, and makes a great gift for almost any occasion.

3. Flowers


Flowers symbolize elegance, beauty, grace, and innocence, as well as loyalty to a friend or loved one. If you want to show someone you appreciate them, consider gifting a piece of floral inspired jewelry.

4. Infinity


The infinity sign is a well known emblem of endless love and devotion. It has also served as a figure of hope that inspires people to never give up, no matter the difficulties they are facing. If you know someone who is going through a challenging time right now, you can give them a piece of infinity jewelry to show your love and support.

5. Shells


Believed to symbolize prosperity and destiny, shells are the perfect way to embody a successful future. Sea shell jewelry also makes a great accessory for anyone who has an affinity for the ocean!

6. Lock & Key


The combination of the lock and key has represented trust, loyalty, and love for centuries. Thought to symbolize giving the key to your heart to someone, jewelry with this pairing often is reserved for romantic gifts and presents.

7. Butterflies / Bees


Representing friendship, rebirth, joy, and celebration, jewelry boasting butterfly or bee symbols make great gifts for birthdays, especially if the person loves nature's cutest critters!

8. Trees


Trees have been a symbol of life, strength, growth, and prosperity throughout history. With their ever changing leaves and strong roots, trees can represent both a season of change, as well as staying true to who you are. If you know someone who is going through a period of transition and growth, a piece of tree jewelry would make a perfect gift!

9. Crosses


Primarily seen as a Christian symbol of faith, hope, and love cross jewelry is thought to provide protection and comfort to its wearer, and would make a great gift to someone who has reached a milestone in their faith.

10. Four Leaf Clover


Four leaf clover jewelry is thought to bring good fortune, happiness, luck, and blessings to those who wear it. If someone is going to try something new and adventurous, gift them a beautiful piece of four leaf clover jewelry as a way to say "Good luck!"

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