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12 Christmas Inspired Engagement Ideas

It's the most wonderful time of year, and many couples will be making the transition from dating to engaged in the next few weeks. If you are thinking of proposing to your significant other soon, but need some help finding the perfect way to pop the question, check out our blog below!

1. Picking a Christmas Tree

If you and your significant other are fans of live Christmas trees, talk to the owners of a tree lot ahead of time and see if they will let you come and decorate one of the trees. Fill it with sentimental ornaments, memories, and a sign that says "Marry Me".

2. Going for a Sleigh Ride

There's nothing more romantic than a horse-drawn sleigh ride through the snow, ending in a proposal! If you don't live somewhere where it snows, try a carriage ride for a similar experience.

3. Decorating the Christmas Tree

When you and your significant other are almost done decorating the Christmas tree, hand them an ornament that looks like an engagement ring box. When they see it and turn around to look at you, drop to one knee and present the real box with their ring in it!

4. Going Ice Skating

Almost every town has a place to go ice skating during the holidays, and your partner will be excited to go with you! While the two of you are skating around, pretend (or don't, if you are bad at ice skating) to fall. Ask them to help you get back up, and then rise to one knee while holding their hand--the perfect proposal!

5. Ordering Hot chocolate

If your future fiancé loves Starbucks or has a favorite coffee shop, bring them some holiday hot chocolate. Just ask the baristas--ask for the one with the best handwriting--to write the special message for you, and your partner will be sure to be surprised!

6. Making Snow Angels

If you and your favorite person enjoy a good snow day, then a snow angel proposal could be for you! Suggest to your partner that you should make snow angels, but as you are getting back up from the ground, stay on one knee and pop the question.

7. Stockings Stuffing

If your family does stockings at Christmas time, put the ring box in the very bottom of your partner's stocking. It will be the last thing they pull out of their stocking, and they will be so surprised!

8. Making a Custom Ornament

If you are into crafting, making a custom ornament that says "Will you merry me?" is a fun way to propose to your significant other, especially if they enjoy a good pun! Not super creative? No worries! There are lots of places online to find a beautiful ornament with a similar message.

9. Looking at Christmas Lights

Many people love looking at Christmas lights around the holiday season. Suggest this activity to your partner, then take them to a special spot where you have spelt out "Marry Me" in Christmas lights!

10. Giving a Present

If you really want to surprise your future fiancé, package the ring in a gift box bigger than they'd expect it in. This will throw them off your scent, and make them suspect nothing until they open it on Christmas morning!

11. Making Christmas Cookies

One of the most classic Christmas traditions, decorating cookies together is both a fun date and an adorable proposal. Try turning an ornament-shaped cookie into a wedding ring, or writing "Marry Me?" on it. Just make sure to have an actual ring ready for when they say yes!

12. Attending a Christmas Tree Lighting

If your city does a Christmas tree lighting, make plans to go together! Nothing would be more magical than watching the tree light up, and then falling to one knee as you ask them to marry you.


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