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5 Perfect Push Presents to Say "I love you."

After carrying a baby for nine months and then bringing a new life into the world, a mom deserves to receive something special for all her hard work. Whether you are her partner or a family member, you can show a new mother just how much you appreciate her by giving her a push present. A tradition that originally began in India hundreds of years ago, push presents have rocketed in popularity in the past ten years here in the United States. If you have been looking for push present ideas, then check out our list below. We want to help you find the PERFECT gift!


1. A gemstone ring that features her new child's birthstone.

If a new mom loves symbolism, and you know what month her child is going to be born in, then a gemstone ring with her baby's birthstone in it is a great gift! She will be able to wear this gift for the rest of her life, and it will always remind her of the day she welcomed her son or

daughter into the world.


2. A heart shaped Baccarat necklace.

One of these beautiful Baccarat crystal necklaces is a timeless way to embody the love that you have for both a mother and her new baby. Available in light pink, deep red, and soft blue, this heart shaped pendant is sure to make a great push present.


3. A porcelain Lladró figurine.

Famous for their delicate depictions of life's best moments, Lladró figurines are a great way to capture the memory of a mother with her new child. Whether or not she is a first time mom, one of these figurines would be the perfect way to gift a physical token of this chapter in her life.


4. A diamond locket with a key.

If you and your partner are going to be having a baby soon, a great push present is something that reminds her of how much you love her. This white gold and diamond locket necklace is a great way to show a new mother that she will always have the key to your heart!


5. Stacking bracelets for each child in your family.

If the woman you are buying a push present for either has more than one child, or plans to have more than one child, then stacking bracelets are a great way to represent each member of the family! With every new addition, you can gift her a gemstone stack bracelet that features the birthstone of that individual child. And as time goes on, she can put them all together to carry a little piece of each of her children with her wherever she goes!

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