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Give Her a Story Worth Telling: Unique Proposal Ideas that She'll Never Forget

You've done it--you've found The One! But now that you know who you want to spend the rest of your life with, it may seem overwhelming to have to pick the perfect ring and plan the perfect proposal. But don't worry, we are here to help! At Dacels Jewelers, we know that only the best will do, so we have put together a collection of unique proposal ideas that can be as custom as the rings we sell in our store.


Propose in the clouds...sort of!

Find a local balloon company to help you pull off this unforgettable and gorgeous "proposal in the clouds"! The ethereal candlelight, glowing marquee letters, and suspended white balloons will make her feel as though she's floating in the heavens when she says yes.


You can never go wrong with roses and candles...but add a neon sign for something extra!

Roses and candles are a classic way to show someone you love them. But if you want to add a modern touch, a neon "Will You Marry Me" sign is the perfect way to combine traditional romance with contemporary trends. You can either custom order a sign, or rent one, but either way, this will make your proposal one to remember!


Propose during a meteor shower.

Do you two love gazing up at the stars? Well then plan your proposal around some sort of celestial event, such as a meteor shower! We suggest taking her out into the country, where the stars are more visible, so you can both appreciate the natural beauty of the night sky, before you pop the question!

Check out the 2021-2022 Meteor Shower Calendar here.


Show her how you feel whenever you're with her by proposing with fireworks.

Let the sparks fly! These beautiful golden fireworks make the perfect background for a proposal, and will symbolize the feeling you get anytime you kiss the love of your life.


Hot air balloons. Need we say more?!

If you want to take her on an extraordinary date that will also double as the perfect proposal spot, then a hot air balloon festival is the place for you! Not only will you two have fun admiring all the colorful balloons, but you will also an amazing backdrop for when you propose. Plus, every time you see a hot air balloon in the future, you'll remember the day you asked the love of your life to marry you!


Make your backyard magical with lights and lanterns.

If you want a more one-on-one setting, you can transform your backyard into something out of a fairytale, using a collection of candles and lanterns upon the ground and in the trees. This proposal will make your future fiancé feel like she is in a movie, and will give you the privacy you desire as you ask her to marry you.


Turn your home into memory lane.

If you want a more personal proposal, then this may be the idea for you! Take the time to select your favorite photos of you as a couple, and hang them up on a strand of christmas lights. You could even line the hallway with mementos from some of your most treasured times spent together! This is the perfect way to remind her of how you two fell in love, before asking her to spend the rest of your lives making even more memories side by side.


No matter how you decide to propose, it is important to make it something that reflects the two of you as a couple. Think carefully about what your partner would want so that you can customize your proposal into something that they will cherish and remember for years to come! And if you need help choosing an engagement ring, come by Dacels Jewelers, and we will help you find the perfect ring.

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