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The First 10 Wedding Anniversary Stones

Did you know that there are specific gemstones assigned to every wedding anniversary? Check out our blog below to learn more about the assigned stones that you can use to celebrate each year that you have been with your amazing partner!

First Anniversary: Gold

Gold is the color of success, and you are celebrating one year of a successful marriage! Treat your significant other to something glittering and gold, and appreciate the growth you've both experienced in your first year as a married couple.


Second Anniversary: Garnet

Garnets symbolize love and friendship, which is what any good marriage is built upon. For your second anniversary, gift your spouse a brilliant garnet as a way to show them that they are your best friend!


Third Anniversary: Pearl

Pearls are known to symbolize wisdom gained through experience, and therefore represent the third wedding anniversary. To commemorate being married for three years, get your partner a beautiful piece of pearl jewelry!


Fourth Anniversary: Blue Topaz

Thought to represent loyalty and communication, blue topaz is the gemstone assigned to the fourth wedding anniversary. Take a moment to cherish the beauty of these two traits in your marriage, and give your significant other a piece of stunning blue topaz jewelry.


Fifth Anniversary: Sapphire

Give your spouse something sapphire for your fifth anniversary, and celebrate all the blessings and gifts that you've experienced in the past five years!


Sixth Anniversary: Amethyst

Amethyst carries much spiritual significance, as well as is a symbol of trust. By giving your husband or wife a gift of amethyst, you will show them how important they are to you on a soulmate level.


Seventh Anniversary: Onyx

Onyx is thought to be a protector of harmonious relationships, so by giving your spouse a piece of onyx jewelry for your seventh anniversary, you are telling them that you value your marriage and want to protect it no matter what!


Eighth Anniversary: Tourmaline

Tourmaline represents happiness and inspiration, and therefore makes the perfect eighth anniversary gift. You've been with your significant other for almost a decade and you couldn't be happier spending your days with the person who inspires you.


Ninth Anniversary: Lapis Lazuli

Gift your partner a piece of lapis lazuli jewelry for your ninth wedding anniversary to represent the strength and knowledge you've developed together through the past nine years!


Tenth Anniversary: Diamond

You've spent a whole decade together--now THAT is something to celebrate! Diamonds are the gemstone assigned to the tenth wedding anniversary because they symbolize longevity, invincibility, and love.

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