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30 Valentine's Day Gift Ideas for Her

Valentine's Day is all about showing that special someone in your life just how much they mean to you, and here at Dacels Jewelers, we want to help! Whether you are buying jewelry, home decor, or trinkets, we have a wide collection of gorgeous items that will make her feel loved. Check out the sampling of our collection, or give our store a call or visit. We want to help find the PERFECT gift for the love of your life.


1. A Baccarat crystal heart pendant.

2. His & Hers royalty-inspired rings.

3. The lock and key to your heart.

4. Vibrant yellow beryl earrings.

5. A heart-inspired gold and diamond bracelet.

6. Earrings just as colorful as her personality.

7. A set of champagne glasses for a romantic evening.

8. This yellow and white diamond clover necklace.

9. A beautiful Swiss timepiece.

10. Antique gold and diamond earrings.

11. A Baccarat crystal butterfly.

12. City of Love inspired earrings.

13. Crystal Snoopy holding a gem of love.

14. A stunning diamond bracelet.

15. This rubellite tourmaline and pink sapphire necklace.

16. A Baccarat gemstone-shaped vase.

17. A ruby and diamond bracelet.

18. This yellow sapphire and diamond heart pendant.

19. An aquamarine and diamond bracelet.

20. A decorative crystal horse.

21. Diamond and pink sapphire cuff bracelet.

22. A delicate yellow diamond heart necklace.

23. A diamond and ruby band ring.

24. Gold and diamond earrings.

26. A vibrant Baccarat crystal heart.

27. Moonstone and diamond necklace.

28. A heart-shaped diamond ring.

29. Diamond and moonstone earrings.

30. A romantic bronze statue.

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