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Blossoming Beauty: Finding the Best Spring Jewelry for You

It's officially spring, which means that the season's colors have switched from icy hues to beautiful pastels and brilliant arrays of color. With such a drastic change in tones, it can be hard to know how to style your jewelry to match the season, but we are here to help! Changing up your jewelry with the seasons is the perfect way to showcase your personal style and add a little flare to any outfit.

The spring season is all about the light, happy tones that make you want to go take a walk in the park and enjoy the fresh, breezy air. From bright pinks and golds to soft blues and greens, these colors are a blast to style! In fact, several of the beautiful spring shades are actually found in a gemstones jewelry, and will complement any outfit with ease. Take a look at the graphic below to view some of the primary spring statement colors, then allow us to show you some of our picks for this season's jewelry trends!

Amazing Aquas


This gorgeous pair of aquamarine earrings would add a fun pop of color to any spring outfit! They are able to complement the shades of blue you are already wearing, or they can be the focal point of your entire look--you choose!

Playful Pinks


This morganite and diamond necklace is the ultimate spring color! Reminiscent of the season's beautiful pink florals, this necklace will bring the delicate feminine touch to your wardrobe that you've been looking for!

Glamorous Golds


This timeless gold hinge bracelet is paved with hundreds of round brilliant cut diamonds. Its beautiful yet neutral colors make it easy to style, plus it will add a little bit of spring sparkle that will take your look to the next level!

Radiant Rainbows


There is not a gemstone ring that says "Spring!" more than this one does! Featuring sapphires in almost every color, you will look like Persephone herself when you put on this gorgeous floral earrings!

Gorgeous Greens


This stunning green chrome tourmaline ring features a floral diamond halo that was absolutely made for spring fashion!

Dazzling Diamonds


Perfect for Easter, this diamond cross necklace has a beautiful winding design that will go with any outfit. Because you are able to easily dress it up or dress it down, this classic necklace is a great addition to any look!

Modern Mint


This pastel green Baume & Mercier ladies watch would make a fabulous accessory for your spring attire. With its modern, sleek design combined with its beautiful coloring, it will add a dash of freshness to any outfit!

Baby Blues


The soft baby blues in this aquamarine ring look similar to the colors of a robin's egg! With its dainty design, it would make the most beautiful accessory for any spring apparel.

Overall, there are so many fun ways to style your jewelry with your seasonal apparel. Here at Dacels Jewelers, we have a wide variety of pieces that can go with any outfit you could imagine. Come stop by our store today to check out some of our beautiful spring jewelry collection, or check out the page below to view even more of our seasonal gifts and jewelry!

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