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12 Gorgeous Jewelry Inspired Makeup Looks

Do you want to stand out from the crowd on a big night out with a makeup look that is as bold as the colors in your favorite necklace? Or perhaps you want to take inspiration from the natural tones present in that gemstone ring you wear every day. If you are looking for jewelry inspired makeup styles for every kind of occasion, keep reading! We've put together some fun looks that you will want to check out!

1. Moonstone Magic

2. Diamond Dust

3. Sapphire Specialty

4. Playful Peridot

5. Plique a Jour Couture

6. Sassy Spessartite

7. Alluring Amethyst

8. Yellow Beryl Beauty

9. Tantalizing Tourmaline

10. Fire Opal Fashion

11. Sparkling Zoisite

12. Ravishing Ruby

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