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Harvest Hues: Finding the Perfect Jewelry for Fall

Fall is right around the corner, which means that the season's colors are about to switch from vibrant summer tones to cozy autumnal hues, and we want to help you be pick the perfect jewelry accessories for this fall season! Styling your jewelry according to the season is a great way to show off your personality and add a little pumpkin spice to any outfit.

Fall is all about the warm, inviting tones that make you want to snuggle up next to the fireplace with a warm cup of hot chocolate and a pumpkin muffin. From soft greens and yellows to deep burgundies and burnt oranges, these colors are so much fun to style! Many of these bold autumn shades are actually found in a variety gemstones, and are perfect for making a seasonal statement! But if you prefer simplicity, you can choose stones with more subtle tones that simply complement your look, without demanding all the attention.

Now that you know the primary fall colors, allow us to show you some of our favorite picks for this season's jewelry trends!


Marvelous Moonstone

Unique, yet subtle enough to go with almost any color, these awe-inspiring moonstone earrings are the perfect piece to accompany a fall outfit that features bold tones such dark burgundy or forest green.


Angelic Amber

If you prefer the delicate touch of a gemstone ring, then this citrine and diamond beauty is for you! With its deep amber hues, this ring will accompany any neutral toned outfit, without stealing all the attention. With the primary gem surrounded by diamonds, it resembles a vintage fall floral, perfect for the season.


Glittering Gold

This timeless gold and diamond bracelet will look great with almost any color or style of apparel! The beautiful filigree design delicately resembles that of a heart, without being too obviously shaped. If you are looking for a piece of jewelry that could work in every season, then this is the piece for you!


The Grandest Green

This rare cat's eye chrysoberyl gent's ring is one of our most unique pieces we sell. The gorgeous, soft green tones of the ring, paired with the yellow gold and platinum setting make this piece an exquisite companion to many outfits, from a cozy cardigan to a handsome suit.


Festive Fire

This GORGEOUS two-tone fire opal necklace is the ultimate way to celebrate the harvest season with Its vibrant orange gemstone that seems to gleam from within. If you match this bold pendant with a rich brown sweater, It will provide the perfect pop of color for your overall ensemble!


Royal Rubies

These elegant gold, ruby, and diamond rings represent the very essence of fall coloring, and will make you feel like a queen this season. Style them with a bold maroon dress or top to match the deep red of the rubies, and we are sure you will love your final look!


Weaved Wonder

This gold and diamond bracelet features a beautiful weaved design that resembles the golden wheat harvest of the fall season. With its diamond buckle and unique detailing, this bangle would best accompany a white or burnt orange sweater.


Showstopping Spessartite

All eyes will fall to your hand when you show up wearing this gorgeous spessartite garnet ring. Ever the showstopper, it is perfect for those who prefer cool fall tones, yet still want to make a statement with their jewelry! Our recommendation is to pair it with more muted tones so that it can have the chance to really shine.


Overall, there are so many fun ways to style your jewelry with your fall apparel. Here at Dacels Jewelers, we have a wide variety of pieces that will go with any outfit you could desire. Whether you want to dress something up or dress it down, we have the perfect thing for you. Come stop by our store today to check out our beautiful fall jewelry collection.

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