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How to Pick Earrings for Your Face Shape

When it comes to styling your jewelry, there is a lot to consider, from face shape, skin tone, eye color, and more. Here at Dacels Jewelers, we want to help you find the jewelry that will accentuate your features and make you feel the best that you can! To find out more about how to choose earrings that will look the best with your face shape, check out our blog below!


If your face is made up of soft angles that curve outward at your cheeks and are rounded at your chin, then you have a round face shape! To maintain good balance with your jewelry, avoid any circular earrings such as hoops, and instead opt for long earring shapes such as teardrops or dangles that will lengthen your facial features.


If you have a wider forehead with an angular chin, then you have a triangular face! If you want to soften your features and make them appear less sharp, then choose longer earrings that have rounded designs, such as hoops, teardrops, or slender chandelier styles.


If your face is only slightly wider at the cheekbones, but has more of a long look to it overall, then you probably have an oval shaped face! In order to avoid exaggerating the length of your face, it is important to style yourself with a pair of short earrings that will balance out your look with beautiful contrast. From a pair of classic pearl studs to a dainty pair of gold hoops, you have endless options for your face shape.


If all portions of your face, from your forehead, cheekbones, and chin, are approximately the same width, then you likely have a rectangle face shape! Though long like the oval face shape, a person with a rectangle face shape has more angle features, and therefore should avoid sharp earring designs when choosing what jewelry to wear. Instead, choose shorter earrings with sloped or curved shapes that will compliment your face perfectly!


If you have a large forehead paired with a narrow chin, then your face is likely heart-shaped! These types of faces are similar to triangle ones, but have rounder features that give them that token "heart" shape. Large earrings, such as chandelier style pieces, are the best fit for this face type, as they make the lower part of your face appear wider and more symmetrical to the upper half of your face



If you have an angular face with a strong jawline that is just as wide as it is tall, then you have a square-shaped face! Because of all the striking features in your face, you'll want to find earrings that can soften your look. Choose jewelry that has smooth, curved lines that are long and will make your face look more slender.


Overall, there is so much that goes into styling your jewelry to your face shape. If you need help with this or any other styling tips, come see us in person at Dacels Jewelers. We want to help you find the PERFECT jewelry accessories that were made just for you!

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