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Necklaces & Necklines

With so many differently shaped necklines and necklaces out there, it can be challenging to try to accessorize to your outfit. But with this easy guide, we will help you discover just how simple it is to match any neckline with the perfect necklace!

The Boat Neck


This modest neckline shape is timeless, with its flattering cut that delicately accentuates the neck and collar bones. To complement this outfit, all you need is a long necklace. Whether you keep it simple with a chain or some small beads, or decide to add some sparkle with a fun pendant, you can't go wrong with this combination!

The V-Neck


The v-neck is likely one of the most popular necklines in fashion today, so luckily, styling this shape is easy: just stick to the "v" concept! If you have ever wanted to layer your necklaces, this is the neckline to do it with. The only thing you'll want to keep in mind is that the lowest part of the necklace still mimics the shape of the neckline, thus keeping that flattering v-shape throughout your outfit.

The Scoop Neck


Similarly to the v-neck, with any scoop neck top or dress, you will want to style it with a necklace that bears a similar shape to your neckline. By pairing your outfit with a fun statement necklace, you will add flare to an otherwise simple neckline.

The Collared Shirt


Perfect for everyday wear, this stylish combination of a collared shirt with a bold statement necklace is sure to draw compliments from your friends and co-workers. Whether it is worn underneath or over the top of your button-down, this trendy look works every time!

The Square Neckline


The new fashion trend of square necklines is growing more popular everyday, yet this style of clothing can be difficult to accessorize due to its long lines and sharp angles. So if you are looking for the flawless match to this daunting neckline, then a delicate, v-shaped pendant is the piece for you! The dainty lines of this necklace style draw the eye inward from the shoulders, which helps keep your neckline from seeming too boxy.

The Sweetheart Neckline


One of the most feminine necklines of all, the sweetheart is a style that has made a resurgence into mainstream fashion, and never fails to look beautiful with a graceful, curved necklace. Keeping it simple is important when choosing a necklace to go with a shirt or dress of this style, as the neckline is so alluring on its own, that to choose a bold necklace would actually take away from the beauty of the outfit as a whole.

For more tips on jewelry wearing, check out our other blog posts, or come see us in store at Dacels Jewelers. We can't wait to style you!

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