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Five Steps to Plan the Perfect Valentine's Day

It's that time of year again...the time when love is in the air and we all take the time to truly appreciate those we can't live without in our lives. But showing that special someone just how much you appreciate them isn't always an easy task, so we've put together these 5 steps to plan the perfect Valentine's Day date for you and your other half! Need more assistance than just this list? Come see us in person at Dacels Jewelers, and we can help find the perfect gift to say "I love you!"

Step 1: Pick the perfect spot.

Start the day somewhere that is meaningful to both you and your significant other. This could be the pier where you had your first date, the mall bench where you first said, "I love you,", the park where you love going on walks, etc. What is important is that you pick a place that is special to your relationship and will show your partner that you both remember and appreciate the good times you've had together.

Step 2: Pick an activity that you can bring or do at the spot you chose.

Next, you'll want to plan some sort of memory-making activity to bring or do at your special spot. This could be something adventurous and fun, like jet skiing or horseback riding, or it could be more laid back and relaxing like a game of cards or reading your favorite poetry together. No matter what you choose to do, make sure you keep you and your partner's personalities and interests in mind so you can pick something that you will both enjoy!

Step 3: Get them a small gift that is a classic.

When most people think of Valentine's Day, it's likely that flowers and chocolates come to mind. Even though these classic gifts may seem cliche, they do serve as universal symbols of love and admiration, so it's hard to just brush those ideas aside. But just because they may be expected doesn't mean you have to get the same red roses and box of chocolates you see in the movies! Try instead to find flowers that are your partner's favorite colors, or that remind you of their personality. Whatever you decide to get, bring it with you to the spot where you'll spend the first half of your day--this thoughtful touch is sure to make them feel both loved and noticed.

Step 4: Add a gift they can wear or use again and again.

Later in the day, give your partner a gift that they can wear or use over and over again, and constantly be reminded of your never-ending love! But don't just by the first pair of earrings you see. Try instead to think about your loved one's disposition and find a piece of jewelry that will fit them and their lifestyle. Do they work with their hands a lot and tend to prefer minimalistic style? Consider getting them a simple ring made of tough metal, such as 14k gold, that can handle a bit of wear and tear. Or do they want something colorful and flashy that highlights their bold personality? Try a fun pair of earrings that will make them stand out from a crowd! If you want help finding the perfect gift for your partner, contact us and we can help pick out the perfect thing.

Step 5: Tie it all together with a meal!

Last, but not least, tie it all together by getting some of their favorite food! Whether you go out to eat, grab takeout, cook something together, or do it picnic style, eating together is one of the most intimate way to spend time with someone. Consider what would make them feel the most loved and appreciated. Does your partner love to cook? Then get some matching aprons and whip up a homemade meal with them! Do they have a favorite restaurant that is reserved only for the rarest of occasions? Take them there to show them that they are worth it! Or maybe they love being in nature, and would be the happiest eating some simple fruits and cheeses underneath the stars.

In the end, every person and relationship is different, so for this formula to work, you'll have to think hard about what would make your significant other feel the most loved! We are all about creating memories that last a lifetime here at Dacels Jewelers, and we want to help you do the same.

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