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Rare as Rubies: July's Birthstone

One of the rarest gemstones in the world, rubies are a gemstone that rivals the value of even diamonds, due to their fiery composition and durable makeup. Ranging in color from deep reds with purple hues, to bright reds with orange tinges, the ruby is a dynamic gem that has awed people for thousands of years. If you are born in July, then you are in luck, as your gemstone reigns supreme--as the king of all gems!


The ruby is historically known as the "King of Precious Stones".

The phrase, "the king of precious stones," originated in ancient India, where the sanskrit word "ratnaraj" was used to describe rubies. However, the modern term, "ruby," is derived from the Latin name for the red: "rubeus".


Rubies contain an element known as chromium, which causes them to glow from within.

All rubies contain the element, chromium, which gives the royal gems many of their token characteristics, such as their red color and fluorescence, which is what causes the inner fire that rubies are famous for. The more chromium that is present in a ruby, the deeper red the color will appear.


Heat treating rubies can improve their color saturation.

For centuries, people have been heat treating rubies in order to improve their color and clarity. In this process, the gems are heated to temperatures up to 1800 degrees, which dissolves any rutile inclusions inside the stone, thus making it a more vibrant and clear color.


The only stone harder than a ruby is a diamond.

Measured at level 9 on the Mohs scale, the ruby is one of the hardest gems on the planet, outranked only by the diamond. But even though the two gems are separated only by a single level, diamonds are still several times harder than rubies. Even so, if you are looking for a gem that is good for everyday wear, the durable ruby may by the gem for you.


The largest ruby in existence is the Ruby Liberty Bell, which was stolen in 2014 and is still at large.

Weighing in at an impressive 8,500 carats, and encrusted with a total of 50 diamonds, the Liberty Bell Ruby is the largest ruby in existence. Unfortunately, this prized sculpture is currently missing, after being stolen from Stuart Kingston Jewelers in 2011.


Burma has been a primary source for rubies since 600 A.D.

For thousands of years, Burma has been a primary source for rubies. The stones that were mined in this region were renowned for their depth of color, and are still to this day some of the most sought after gemstones in the world, known as Pigeon's Blood Rubies.


Rubies are used to make lasers, watches, and medical instruments.

Not many people know this, but rubies are actually used to make lasers, watches, and other various medical instruments. Though natural rubies used to be used for these purposes, today, it is primarily synthetic rubies that are featured in modern technologies, such as as crystal ruby rods that act as the active laser amplification medium that is energised through optical pumping.


Rubies are a symbolic gift for someone's 40th wedding anniversary.

Not only are rubies used to celebrate those with July birthdays, but they are also commonly given as a gift to one's partner when celebrating 40 years together. The glowing red of this beautiful gemstone symbolizes the eternal flame inner flame that burns within, even after all many years of marriage.


The Sunrise Ruby broke a world record, selling for $300 Million.

Holding the record for the most expensive colored gemstone ever sold, the Sunrise Ruby was bought anonymously for $300,000 in 2015. The beautiful stone was originally mined in Burma, making it one of the famous Pidgeon's Blood rubies. In fact, it is renowned as one of the highest caliber rubies to have ever been discovered, due to its stark purity, ideal color, and perfect cut.


If you or a loved one is looking for a piece of ruby jewelry for a birthday, anniversary, or as a statement piece, Dacels Jewelers wants to help you find the perfect gem. Allow us to guide you in finding the cut, color, and clarity that meets your jewelry needs, and we promise that together we will discover your ruby match.

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