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All About Amethyst

The symbolic color of royalty, the purple Amethyst is one of great popularity and renown. Those whose birthdays land in February can be certain that their birthstone is both beautiful and historically significant.

It played a part in Greek mythology.


The name amethyst comes from the Greek phrase "amethytos" which means "a remedy against drunkenness". Greek lore associated the birthstone with the god of wine, and thus believed wearing the stone to make the wearer sober minded and quick witted.

Amethyst was beloved by many royals.


Catherine the Great of Russia was particularly fond of amethysts, and was known to wear earrings, rings, and necklaces all featuring the purple gemstone. But she was not the only one with a love for the gem. In 1953, Wallis Simpson, the Duchess of Windsor wore an elaborate Cartier necklace (pictured on the left) featuring diamonds, turquoise, gold, and, of course, many amethysts to a gala at Versailles. The necklace became so popular, that following the Duchess's death in 1986, it sold at auction for an impressive $605,000.

It is used to celebrate birthdays and anniversaries.


Many people know that amethyst is used to celebrate February birthdays, but they are also meant to be used to commemorate 6th wedding anniversaries as well! With the stone representing empowerment and inner strength, those who wear amethysts can know that they are symbolizing these ideals in themselves each day.

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