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New Year, New You, New Ring!

If you are looking to make a bold change as you strut into the New Year, then statement rings could be your new best friend! Available in almost every shape, color, and size, statement rings have the ability to transform any outfit from boring to beguiling with little to no effort. Not only do they make a great conversation starter, but they are sure to make you stand out from the crowd in any situation. If you want to see some of our favorite statement rings, either come see us in person or check out our blog below!

Pink Sapphire and Diamond Ring


This platinum square Tycoon cut pink sapphire and diamond ring is as sparkling as they come! It should be styled with either light or dark fabrics that will make the vibrant color stand out, just like your personality!

Chrome Tourmaline Ring


If you are looking to add a feminine flare to your wardrobe, then this 6.39 carat chrome tourmaline will do the trick! With a scalloped border of diamonds that surround the verdant center stone, this statement ring will complete any look.

Black Jade and Gold Gent's Ring


Made from 14k gold and black jade, these uniquely designed gent's rings radiate confidence, strength, and power. By wearing a ring that highlights sleek, modern fashion paired with bold masculinity, you will be sure to catch the eye of all those around you.

Blue Tanzanite and Diamond Ring


Brilliantly brazen in color, this blue tanzanite and diamond ring is a stunner, just like you.

Sapphire Gents Ring


Created with with the highest quality rose gold and platinum metals, this gents ring is truly one of a kind. This statement ring features an intriguingly uncommon 9.16 carat sugarloaf cut sapphire that is sure to wow anyone you meet.

Custom Tycoon Diamond Ring


If you are a diamond lover, then this is THE ring for you! With its five collection cut Tycoon diamond, and a total weight of 11.56 carats, we promise this is the showstopper ring that you have been looking for.

Aquamarine and Diamond Ring


Fun, yet formal, this beautiful aquamarine statement ring can be worn in any situation, and is the perfect way to show off your enchanting personality.

Cat's Eye Chrysoberyl Ring


One of the most alluring rings in our entire collection, this rare cat's eye chrysoberyl gents ring captivates all who set eyes on it. Perfect for the gentleman who wants to be seen in a crowd, this masterpiece of a ring can take you from ordinary to extraordinary.

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